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A Blog is about Best and Latest Easter Cards, Easter Photos, Easter Quotes, Easter Images, Easter Poems, Easter Wishes of 2017 for Whatsapp and Facebook for Friends and Family.

Easter Day 2017
Happy Easter to all of you, we know Easter is almost here and we all are too eager too celebrate this holly day, Easter is not just a day or festival only in fact it is a day of happiness and goodness, We celebrate Easter every year to remember that day when the God Yishu was come back. So as every, this year also we have to wish Happy Easter to our friends and family members. Then in our this article we a great bunch of Easter Cards, Easter Poems, Easter Wishes, Easter Quotes, Easter Photos and Easter Images. You can use these best wishes to wish you friends and family a very Happy Easter Day.
We know Easter is the day divine energy when we feel a divine energy in our atmosphere. And we feel that someone is here in this world to protect us to makes us happy and to bless us but who's this without any doubt we can say this is God, A universal power, a biggest truth, we all are the child of God then we have to celebrate this festival with full of joy and fun because this is the day when God Yishu was come back after his death. On this day God Yishu come back after two days of his death. Yishu was the child of God he was born on this earth to become an example for us that how to live a life and he was died just for our sins so on this day we have to do worship of god.
Then if you wanna wish your friends and family member happy Easter with some cool Easter stuff and if you are searching some best Easter wishes then you are on right place here in our this post you can get some cool and amazing Easter images and Easter quotes and Easter Cards. Then lets have a look.

Easter Cards of 2017 for Best Friends

We have a great bunch of Easter cards for everyone you can download these to wish anyone a very Happy Easter. And you can also use these as you whatsapp dp on this Easter.
Easter Cards 2016
Easter Cards 2017
Easter Cards
Easter Wishes 2016
Easter Cards

Latest Easter Quotes Of 2017 For Whatsapp

Here we have a great collection of Easter quotes and you have to check this collection, and the you can choose some best quotes to wish your family member and friends a very happy Easter.
  • Let the resurrection joy lift us from loneliness and weakness and despair to strength and beauty and happiness.
  • I think of the garden after the rain; And hope to my heart comes singing, 'At morn the cherry-blooms will be white, And the Easter bells be ringing!'
  • For I remember it is Easter morn, And life and love and peace are all new born.
  • O the Easter bells are gladly ringing, Let the whole world join the happy lay, Let the hills and vales break forth in singing, Christ, the Lord of Life, is ris'n today.
  • The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances.
  • Our minds cannot comprehend God’s love for us. It is everlasting. It is yours. Happy Easter.
  • bullet The first thing that stuck in the minds of the disciples was not the empty tomb, but rather the empty grave clothes - undisturbed in form and position. 
  • I have always wanted a bunny and I'll always have a rabbit the rest of my life.
  • bullet Personally, my interests are ancient history and ancient civilizations. In my own life, I'd like to go to places like Easter Island. 
  • "To a Christian, Easter Sunday means everything, when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ." 
  •  "The joyful news that He is risen does not change the contemporary world. Still before us lie work, discipline, sacrifice. But the fact of Easter gives us the spiritual power to do the work, accept the discipline, and make the sacrifice."

Easter Images of 2017 for Desktop Wallpaper

Friends Below we have share some of the latest and Best Easter images of 2017 that you definitely want to share with your friends and family or you can use it as facebook cover photo or Desktop wallpaper.
Easter Images of 2016
Easter Images
Easter Wallpaper of 2016
Easter Images
Easter Egg hunt
Easter Images

Top 10 Easter Poems For Kids

We hope you liked our Easter quotes, then now we have some best Easter Poems, You can use these poems to say happy Easter to sweet kids. Lets have a look.
Jesus came to earth,To show us how to live,How to put others first,How to love and how to give.
Then He set about His work,That God sent Him to do;He took our punishment on Himself;He made us clean and new.
He could have saved Himself,Calling angels from above,But He chose to pay our price for sin;He paid it out of love.
Our Lord died on Good Friday,But the cross did not destroy His resurrection on Easter morn That fills our hearts with joy.
Now we know our earthly death,Like His, is just a rest.We'll be forever with Him In heaven, where life is best.
So we live our lives for Jesus,Think of Him in all we do.Thank you Savior; Thank you Lord.Help us love like you!
On Easter we celebrate love,love coming down from heaven,love blanketing the earth in a transforming embrace;unique and infinite love,giving more than we can imagine for us, to cleanse our sin,a perfect sacrifice, Lamb of God,the walking, talking Word.He is teacher, role model, friend,this God in human form,dying, then rising from the dead,proving all who believe will also rise to have eternal life, with Him,Lord of all.Oh, Happy, Happy Easter!
A perfect God demands a perfect justice;He cannot let us get away with sin.We used God’s gift of our free will to trespass,So heaven’s gates were closed; we couldn’t get in.
Our sin required our blood, a sacrifice,To atone for all the wrongs that we had done."But I love them!" cried our Father, filled with sorrow;"I’ll send my only Son to be the one."
Good Friday marks the slaying of our Jesus,The unblemished lamb, the perfect sacrifice.He took our guilt and blame upon Himself,So we could be with Him in paradise.
On Easter morning, he came back from death;He vanished from the tomb, the empty grave.His resurrection means eternal life For us, the ones he came to earth to save.

Happy Easter Wishes of 2017 for Friends

As we know that Easter is the day of happiness and Goodness then on this day we have to end all our fights with our friends and any other persons. And we have to wish happy Easter to everyone with some best Easter wishes, so lets check this best bunch of Easter wishes.
Easter bring Fun, Easter bring Happiness,Easter bring God Endless Blessings,Easter bring fresh love...Happy Easter to You with all best wishes
The Lord came to earth with a life to give,so each one of us may continue to live.Happy Easter!
The spirit of Easter is all about Hope,Love and Joyful living.Happy Easter!
Easter is a promise God renews to us in each spring.May the promise of Easter fill your heart with peace and joy!Happy Easter!
May Lord bless you onthis auspicious day of Easter,and May it be a new beginningof greater prosperity,success and happiness.Wish you a Happy Easter
Easter bring Fun, Easter bring Happiness,Easter bring God Endless Blessings,Easter bring fresh love...Happy Easter to You with all best wishes
Missing you a lot on this Easter.Wishing you were here to celebrate this holy occasion with me .Happy Easter
Wishing U a Very "HAPPY EASTER" Wid Luv And Best Wishes..May That EASTER Day Brings LOT of Happiness And JOYS in ur LIFE.May u Live Long LIFE...And That EASTER day Will comes in UR life Hundred Times...Remember me in ur prayers..

Easter Photo of 2017 For Facebook Cover

At the end we have some best Easter photos for you, you have to download these and then you can send these to you friends and family members to wish them a very Happy Easter. It is a great idea to wish anyone with some cool Easter stuff lets check this collection of Easter photos.
Easter Pics Of 2016
Easter Photos
Easter Photos of 2016
Easter Photos
Easter Pictures of 2016
Easter Photos
So Friends This are our Best and latest collection of Easter Day 2017 Festival That we have share with you if you are looking for more than please explore our Home Page their you will find the latest and best collection all Easter stuffs like Easter Images, Wishes, Quotes Wallpaper, Pictures, Photos Eggs Decoration Etc. That is collected by our experts and share in this site. If you like Our post than please don't forgot to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Whatsapp so other can also use the same. Happy Easter 2017. 

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